ZR and ZE gate valve device for blocking the grain stream

We manufacture manual and electric valves for blocking the stream of loose materials.

Subredler gate valves

The offer includes manual and electric gate valves:
gate valve Ø 160 manual
gate valve Ø 200 manual
gate valve 270x270 manual
270x270 electric gate valve
gate valve 310x560 manual
gate valve 310x560 electric

Subredler gate valves are used to close and open the stream for loose gravity materials such as cereal grains.

Valves in standard design are adapted to their dimensions in scraper conveyors of the AG-PROJEKT company. Valves can be connected to other devices using appropriate connectors. Most of the elements are adapted for mounting on bolted connections.

If you need to use a valve with other dimensions, please contact us.

The drive unit of the device depending on the model can be an electric actuator or geared motor, which changes the position of the closing plate during operation. The disc can be closed or open. In models with a geared motor, additional limit switches (limit switches) are used for the operation of the closing plate, which regulate the geared motor operation, while the electric actuator has limit switches built in its mechanism.

Gate valves with gearmotors work well with larger surfaces of the closing plate where high work force is required.

Hand valves with no electrical components are also available.

We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail regarding ZR / ZE gate valves. We provide advice in the selection and configuration of an assortment. Our experts will explain all technical matters related to AG-PROJEKT products.



Gate valve
Gate valve

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