Roof dryers of the type SD

Grain dryers are the basic product offered by AG-Projekt. Each dryer is made with the customer in mind and adapted to his needs. The offer of AG-Projekt is constantly expanding. The company's many years of experience and continuous technological development are conducive to the creation of reliable solutions, which are distinguished primarily by high efficiency, high thermal efficiency, low dustiness and minimal noise emission during the drying process.
Rating scale As part of the catalog, you will find diagrams showing the functionality and parameters of the presented products as well as their effectiveness in terms of drying a given type of grain. The scale of grades is from 1 (ear of grain) to 6 (ears of grain).

SD roof canopy dryer
The SD roof canopy dryer with continuous or batch operation is characterized by a compact design (drying column with a width of 2.4 meters, loading capacity of the dryer up to 40 tons), affordable price and easy and safe operation . This dryer model is also available with an internal recuperative channel.
Continuous roof type SD dryer
The continuous continuous roof type SD dryer is characterized by a compact design (dryer column 3 meters wide, dryer capacity up to 120 tons), affordable price and easy and safe operation. This dryer model has been working in various conditions for many years and is very popular.

SD ESR canopy dryer with external recuperative duct
The continuous roof canopy dryer SD ESR with external recuperative duct is characterized by dust-free operation, affordable price, easy and safe operation, and a modern design allowing for the extension of the dryer to increase its efficiency. The hot air recuperative channel allows for 30% energy savings. This dryer model is chosen by demanding customers who want to dry mainly corn.
SD ESR roof dryer with internal recuperative channel
This model is an improved version of the SD ESR TYPE dryer with an external recuperative channel. The difference lies in the construction of a recuperative channel under the dryer column, in the discharge hopper zone, which reduces noise emissions and minimizes thermal losses. SD ESR dryer with internal recuperative channel is intended for customers who have limited space for the planned facility.

Roof drying dryer type SD ESR Plus EcoDryer with double recuperation system powered by biomass (pellet, wood chips, waste from cleaner)
The continuous roof drying dryer type ES ES Plus ECODRYER with continuous operation is characterized by quiet and dust-free operation, a modern design and easy and safe operation. The system of double recuperation of hot air in combination with a highly efficient biomass furnace reduces drying costs even to PLN 10 * per ton of corn when dried from 30% to 15% humidity. This dryer model has been produced by our company for several years. For now, it is unrivaled among drying facilities in terms of increasing economic efficiency using pro-ecological technological solutions.
* depending on market fuel prices
Continuous roof dryer SD ESR PLUS ECODRYER with double recuperation gas powered
The continuous continuous roof dryer SD ESR Plus ECODRYER is characterized by quiet and dust-free operation, a modern design and easy and safe operation. The double hot air recuperation system allows for a significant reduction of the drying cost. The use of such solutions guarantees the lowest possible gas consumption. Due to the high daily output of 200t to 1200t of wet corn daily, this type of dryer is an opportunity for agricultural entrepreneurs, grain purchases, storage bases and farms for which the most important is the low cost of drying combined with high efficiency of the entire process.

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