Retort heater AG - heating devices for dryersSD

AG-PROJEKT retort heater

- NPPS3000 type is one of the devices for providing thermal energy used for drying cereal grain in SD type dryers.

The heater is a device equipped with electric motors and sensors connected to the microprocessor controller. This controller has a superior function in the process of automatic operation by managing the operation of the heater based on the parameters read from temperature sensors (lambda probe, etc.).

Heater operation works as follows:

into the basket container located next to the heater, the right amount of fuel is poured for a long time of operation. Snail from the basket transports fuel to retort storage tanks, while retort screws from the storage tanks draw fuel and transport it to the bottom of the firebox. The air needed for combustion is supplied by a fan that pumps it through the duct system. Controlling the efficiency of the fan largely determines the course of the combustion process. An element particularly exposed in heaters to high temperatures is the furnace. That is why it is so important to make it from a suitable material: high grade cast iron, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. In the process of combustion, subsequent portions of fuel push away the ash remaining after burning. The exhaust gases from the combustion chamber get to the distal part of the exchanger, to the pipe assembly. The pipes are shaped in such a way that the air flowing between them receives as much heat as possible. The flue gas is discharged via a chimney. Two augers are installed in the heater responsible for removing ash from the settling chambers (upper auger and bottom auger of the settling chamber). Excess ash during the combustion process is continuously removed to the dirt bin.

The AG-PROJEKT retort heater is:

  • modern design
  • high quality materials
  • low operating costs
  • reliability of operation
  • stainless steel heat exchangers
  • efficient fans
  • security

We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail regarding the AG heater. We provide advice in the selection and configuration of an assortment. Our experts will explain all technical matters related to AG-PROJEKT products.

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