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Blast Heating Furnaces

Piec grzewczy AG-PROJEKT

Blast Heating Furnaces AG-PROJEKT

AG blast heating

- furnaces are the most economical and easiest way to heat rooms such as: - production and assembly halls, - paint shops, - retail and sports and recreation facilities, – churches and public utility buildings, - livestock buildings. Furnaces we manufacture work perfectly as component parts of any kind of dryers for grain, fruit, etc.. They can be installed in the drying tables, as well as in many other similar devices. AG type furnaces also prove well as a highly efficient ventilation system. Modern construction of AG type furnaces is equipped with heat exchangers, allowing for the separation of exhaust fumes from the exhausted air.

  Regardless of this solution to enhance the air clearing effect, it is also possible to install a special filtering system. The whole system is controlled with the help of modern automation, which simplifies its operation, and they provide enough heat to maintain the required temperature for the room. Our furnaces are equipped with the most modern oil or gas burners and have very low pollution emission and thus meet strict European environmental standards. AG Projekt is a serious and classiable partner. We guarantee professional help in selecting a furnace model, installation and start-up, practical advice on safe and economical use of the purchased furnace. We are flexible – we can tailor the existing standard solutions to individual expectations of our customers. If need be, we can suggest a fully customized project.

Blast furnaces, heating AG-PROJECT is:

  • modern design
  • high quality materials
  • low operating costs
  • classiability
  • heat exchangers made of acid resistant steel
  • efficient fans
  • safety

product card in pdf.


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