Belt dryer a device for drying e.g. wood chips

- With this dryer you can also dry straw, wheat, corn chaff or brewer's grain

The belt dryer ST.30 / 4 is a convection dryer where the dried raw material is dehydrated by the flow of warm air. Dry, warm air in contact with the material provides the heat needed to evaporate water through the phenomenon of convection, quickly removing moisture from the dried layer.

Thanks to the long drying path, a low air temperature not exceeding 160 ° C is required, which prevents drying of the raw material. The charge material is evenly distributed over the entire width of the perforated steel strip ensuring an even water evaporation surface.

The most important construction solutions in the belt dryer ST.30 / 4:

  • - SDrying at temperature max. 160°C
  • - Drying at Maximum heat output used up to 5MW,
  • - The ability to evaporate up to 5000 liters of water per hour,
  • - Air flow to 100 000 m3/h,
  • - Airflow from bottom to top,
  • - Even air distribution thanks to the exhaust fan
  • - Automatic strip cleaning,
  • - Implementation of the carrier transporting the material in the form of a perforated steel strip, ensuring their long operation,
  • - Adjusting the thickness of the material on the tape,
  • - A fully automatic process due to control,
  • - Dryer equipped with fire extinguishing system.
Suszarnia Taśmowa AG-PROJEKT


  • - Length – 30000 mm
  • - Width – 2100 mm
  • - Height – 5300 mm

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