SD2 dryers economical budget easy to use

The introduction of the SD2 dryers for the small and medium segment allows meeting the needs of small farms.

Drying process

The basis of the entire drying process is the correct draft for warm air, which is provided by the exhaust fan or an exhaust fan assembly and heat exchanger with gas (or oil) burner. The number of fans in the dryer depends on the possibility of drying the grain in tonnes per day. The SD2 dryer is an average dryer and its drying capacity is to 120 t / 24h depending on the number of drying panels (SD2 dryer model).

The cleaned grain falls into the charging chamber and falls to the very bottom of the selection element. The selecting element provides resistance to the further path of the grain. After reaching the appropriate temperature and humidity parameters, the material is cooled with outside air and passed through the selection element in appropriate portions for further processing.

The dryer has electrical and electronic equipment (measurement-work). Behind the dryer there is the main control cabinet with all electrical apparatus and electronic equipment controlling the whole work. The entire drying process can be looked after and checked by one person. The most difficult element of the drying process is the so-called entering the process of proper drying, which can sometimes take a few hours to reconcile. It depends on the moisture content of the grain and the outside conditions.

The pre-drying process can also be cumbersome due to different batches of grains with different humidity. In the subsequent drying process, proper use of recirculation (mixing) of the material allows to reduce this. Basically, after entering continuous operation, the process is correct and uninterrupted until the entire batch of material is dried.

It should be taken into account that the greatest losses during drying result from interruption of the continuous drying process.

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Selected elements of the dryer SD2

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