Wentocyclone device for dust removal from grain impurities

- and warm air recovery in SD dryers

Axial dust removal fan (OWO another name cyclone or cyclone) is a modular structure, which includes: module with an electric motor, two or one axial impeller, dirt separation system, cyclone. The device is characterized by high efficiency of air flow at high vacuum along with effective filtration of fine impurities up to 90%. By changing the angle of the rotor blades, we increase or decrease the amount of air flowing and the dust removal efficiency (the speed can also be adjusted using a frequency converter). The structure is made entirely of galvanized steel ensuring resistance to weather conditions. The working surface is lined with a material with increased resistance to abrasion. Axial dust removal fan can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

OWO 40 two-rotor model with parameters:
- air volume 30/40,000 m3 / h at 700-800 Pascals negative pressure (for 18.5 / 22 kW engines)
OWO 25 single rotor model with parameters:
- air volume 20/25 000 m3 / h at 500 Pascals negative pressure (for 15 / 18.5 kW engines)

OWO successfully performs the function of a heat recovery device. The warm air filtered from the contaminants returns back to the warm air duct in the SD dryers




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