Grain distributors RO - device for separating the grain stream.

We manufacture symmetrical, asymmetrical, manual and automatic stream distributors.

Grain distributors

- devices used to change the direction of the transported material. We distinguish symmetrical and asymmetrical distributors with manual and automatic operation.

Distributors perform the function of changing the direction of the falling stream due to the gravity of loose material in technological lines. They are used e.g. to change the direction of the charge, e.g. for silos or for SD dryers from the bucket conveyor . There are many applications of distributors in the agricultural industry. These devices are important in technological lines.

The drive unit of the device is a gear reducer, which during operation changes the position of the plate directing the grain stream, depending on the need to the left or right. Two inductive sensors are embedded in the manifold. Sensors control the operation of the gearmotor. They stop the gearmotor at the right moment by closing or opening one of the paths for the material stream.

We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail regarding RO distributors. We provide advice in the selection and configuration of an assortment. Our experts will explain all technical matters related to AG-PROJEKT products.

The offer includes manual and electric manifolds:

- symmetric: Ø 160, Ø 200, Ø 273, Ø 300
- unbalanced: Ø 160, Ø 200, Ø 273, Ø 300

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