PAT sieve cleaner a device for cleaning grain from impurities.


BIS-100, BCX-100, BIS-1912, BCX-12 are intended for accurate and initial cleaning, calibration, preparation of malt, planting material, seeds of all species, rape, maize, pulses and other, from light impurities (lighter than the cleaned seeds) such as: chaff, dust and other, from small heavy impurities such as: sand, small weed seeds, small ground grain and thick impurities (larger than the cleaned seed) such as: straw, spikelets, stones, etc. Large surface of the sieves and a dual aspiration system (first aspiration system – from the sieves, the second aspiration system – ASPIRATION CHANNEL, WHICH RECEIVES 80% OF LIGHT IMPURITIES attached to the cleaner) make the cleaner achieve very good performance and efficiency while cleaning. The cleaner cleans on the basis of differences in the fraction thickness.

Advantages of PAT cereal cleaners

  • the device cleans on the basis of the differences in fraction thickness,
  • failure rate - 99.5%
  • simplicity of use,
  • low operating costs,
  • high efficiency and effectiveness of grain cleaning
  • quick change of sieves,
  • high efficiency of receiving light pollution

WAG cleaner:: is used for cleaning grain of fractions of lower density and size. They are installed in the chute tracks with capacities from 20 to 60 t/h, on the bucket elevator isles in the inlet of the dryer. With low prices and simplicity of the construction they are widely used in systems designed by us.

Cleaners are used to clean the grain:

  • - on individual farms;
  • - in agricultural enterprises;
  • - in mills;
  • - in elevators;
  • - in fodder factories and other seed processing plants;
  • - in malt preparing plants, breweries;
  • - before any type of crop dryers
  • - in seed processing plants
Workflow diagram of the Cleaner
Czyszczalnia PAT

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