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    and a respected comprehensive manufacturer
    solutions for processing grain and other products
    loose at home and abroad oriented
    to meet individual customer expectations
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    Eksperci w suszeniu ziarna

    od 1996

AG-PROJEKT Exists since 1996.

We deal with professional solutions for industry and agriculture in the field of drying, transport and storage of grain. Our many years of experience combined with modern technology enables us to produce the highest quality products.

The common passions and aspirations of two talented engineers: Grzegorz Skoczylas and Andrzej Listwan established in 1996 a company whose activity involved servicing the agricultural sector in a narrow specialization, which is the processing of grain and other loose products. At the beginning of its activity, the company offered only services related to the preparation of project documentation used for the production of heating dryers and furnaces. However, along with the growing demand for a comprehensive range of drying and storage equipment, the company's owners have decided to expand their area of ​​operation to finally offer the customer:

  • a thorough analysis of needs and a proposal to adapt technological solutions to them while maintaining proper care for dried material and the natural environment
  • preparation of project documentation
  • production of details and devices
  • commissioning and commissioning of the facility maintenance and consultancy services, e.g. in the event of the Customer's desire to modernize an existing facility

Over several decades of activity, thanks to our reliable and honest attitude towards investors, we have developed a stable position in the industry. Our efforts have been recognized by many clients both at home and abroad, which resulted in interesting projects, often non-standard and bold at the same time. It is a great satisfaction for us that clients with objects from competing companies are not uncommon to ask AG-PROJEKT to modernize or expand them. The goal of these activities is most often to increase the competitiveness of our facilities in terms of increasing economic efficiency using pro-ecological technological solutions. Such an expression of trust proves that the services and products we offer are valued in the industry and rated highly, both by farmers and entrepreneurs who have already trusted us and those who want to join the group of services satisfied with our services.


A wide range of products including:

  • grain dryers with a capacity of up to 5000 t / day
  • bucket conveyors with a capacity of up to 800 t / h
  • redler type conveyors with a capacity of up to 400 t / h
  • receiving baskets with collecting conveyors with a capacity of up to 400 t / h
  • flat bottom silos up to 15,000 t
  • hopper silos up to 1260 t
  • forwarding silos with a load capacity of up to 43 t
  • grain cleaners with a capacity of up to 200 t / h
  • heating furnaces for gas, heating oil and biofuels up to 6.5 MW
  • technological connections (downpipes, distributors, valves, elbows, tees) with a capacity of up to 400 t / h allows to meet the needs of individual farmers, feed mixers and companies purchasing and storing cereals.
  • grain coolers, control cabinets, comprehensive documentation and projects

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The goal of our company is to provide our clients with modern devices that contribute to their dynamic development. To meet this task, we have taken the following actions:

  • we obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate confirming the implementation and application of a quality management system in the areas of design, production and assembly of grain dryers and other agricultural machinery and equipment, heating furnaces and hearths (June 2003)
  • we have expanded the range of agricultural equipment offered by charging hoppers and bucket elevators. Our skills have been noticed and appreciated by domestic recipients and by clients from Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

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