CORDOBA Cereal Silos for long-term storage of cereal grain

Sells flat-bottom and hopper silos from the reputable company CORDOBA

Flat bottom and funnel silos

- our offer includes grain silos for grains from the Spanish company Cordoba, which manufactures devices of the highest quality in accordance with DIN 1055 05/87.
Thanks to the use of modern technologies, silos for loose materials are made of corrugated, galvanized sheet Z600g / m2.
The use of corrugated sheets together with vertical reinforcements ensures high strength and rigidity of the silo structure.
For connection of silo elements, class 8.8 bolts were used.
Silos for fodder are produced as flat bottom and funnel with 45 ° and 60 ° funnels.
Safe and free operation is guaranteed by ladders and service platforms.

Flat bottom silos:

diameter from 4.5 to 32 m, load capacity from 70 to 15000 tons.

Funnel silos:

diameter from 2.5 to 10.7 m, load capacity from 30 to 1200 tons, hopper angle 45 ° and 60 °.

All types of grain silos can be equipped with service platforms mounted above the roof, temperature and material level sensors in the silo, ventilation fans and with circulating discharge conveyors (screws).

We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail regarding CORDOBA silos. We provide advice in the selection and configuration of an assortment. Our experts will explain all technical issues related to CORDOBA products.

The CORDOBA silo is:
  • flat bottom silos made of galvanized steel S350GD and a minimum coating Z600 corresponding to 600 g / m2 of zinc,
  • neoprene washers provide a waterproof seal,
  • galvanized roof structure with cross-section in models with a diameter larger than 12.22 meters,
  • stairs and platforms in accordance with the provisions of UNE-EN ISO 14122,
  • in class 8.8 high quality dichromate screws with high tensile strength,
  • galvanized reinforced external surfaces, regardless of thickness, which provide excellent anti-corrosion properties,
  • EUROCODIGO standard 1.

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