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Cordoba silos

Silosy Cordoba Silosy Cordoba Silosy Cordoba

Cordoba silos

Cordoba silos

Cordoba silos

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In our offer

- In our offer we have silos of a Spanish company Silos Cordoba, which manufactures the highest quality silos in accordance with DIN 1055 05/87. Thanks to modern technology silos are made of corrugated, galvanized Z450g/m2 metal. The use of corrugated metal with vertical reinforcements provides high durability and rigidity of the silo structure. For connections of the silo's elements we use 8.8 class bolts. Silos are manufactured as flat-bottomed, funnel with 45° and 60° funnels. Ladders and service platforms guarantee safe and unconstrained operation.

Flat-bottomed silos:

-› diameter from 4.5 to 32 m, capacity from 70 to 15,000 tonnes.

 Funnel silos:

-› diameter from 2.5 to 10.7 m, capacity from 30 to 1200 tonnes, funnel angle of 45° and 60°.

  All types of silos can be equipped with service platforms mounted above the roof, temperature and level sensors, ventilation fans and the discharge circulating conveyor (screws).